For loans and mortgages that suit your needs talk to the best mortgage broker in Auckland

The world of loans and mortgages is quite a complex one with several options for different situations and goals.

We understand mortgages intimately and know that there is much more to a home loan than just interest rates. Getting the right home loan  is just one step out of the whole home buying process that you will not have to worry about as we take care of that for you.


If you are a First Home Buyer and would like to know more about the home buying process download our information booklet              Home Buying Made Easy. If you are ready to purchase your dream home and want to save some money in the process,                   contact us for a free consultation if you would like some mortgage advice and to start right away.

​Second Mortgages A second mortgage may be the answer you are looking for, when your main bank has said No. Often working with your traditional bank is no longer an enjoyable experience for you, or they have already declined your application for additional finance because of insufficient income, a bad credit history or RBNZ restrictions. Your application might also be outside of your bank’s lending guidelines and credit policy.

Personal Loans Most personal loans are “unsecured” (not backed by collateral) and is one  that you pay back in fixed weekly , fortnightly    or monthly repayments, or installments, typically over five to a maximum of seven years. Lender rates on personal loans vary looking           at things like your credit history, loan amount, purpose of the loan etc.

Car Loans It could be your first set of wheels, a family workhorse or even that dream ride. But whatever car you're in the market for, with      a car loan set up by our loan broker you get the essentials everybody should have - a competitive interest rate, fast access to your funds    and a tailored repayment plan that suits what you can afford.

Small Business Loans are loans for funding business purchases, cash flow, expansion etc. Business loans can be both secured and unsecured lending depending on individual circumstances. Using your car or house as security are examples of secured business lending. Providing security to the lender over your assets as collateral can greatly reduce your interest rate.

Asset finance​ Whether it is plant and machinery that you need for your business or a vehicle, or  whether you are gearing up for a big project or are shifting your business focus, asset finance could be the solution for your needs.


Working Capital From time to time you may need an injection of working capital into your business. If you are expanding your business or about to start work on a larger project, you may have a need for extra working capital. A working Capital loan could be just what you need.


Construction loans Whether you are a developer/builder looking for funding to undertake your  project or an individual wanting to buy land and build his/her dream home , a construction loan could be just the solution you seek.

Bridging loans  Maybe you're awaiting sale or settlement on a property you have sold and have already bought a new property. Bridging finance can help to bridge that financial gap giving you just the right amount of money exactly when you need it.  

Debt Consolidation How does it work?  A debt consolidation loan bundles all your debts and rolls them into one easy loan, with a single payment. This means less fuss and less stress, giving you the chance to get on with your life without piles of confusing payments, and endless paperwork and creditors taking up your time and energy. The maximum term of a debt consolidation loan is determined by your security. 

We can help you find the best debt consolidation loan to suit your needs.


To discuss any of our mortgage services, give us a call. We can also arrange mortgage protection insurance and house and contents insurance for your new home.