Insurance for mortgage protection, house and contents and more for NZ homeowners

Our expertise lies in identifying your risks and providing solutions tailored to your unique situation.


You are the most important asset for yourself and your family, so it makes sense to protect yourself from life’s unexpected events.

Our Insurance solutions are designed to provide you with “peace of mind” that comes with the secure knowledge that should anything unexpected happen to you, your family, and your home will be protected.

Our solutions include Life Insurance; Trauma cover; Total Permanent Disability Cover; Income Protection; Mortgage Protection  Insurance, House and Contents Insurance, and Health Insurance. Download our booklet Insurance Simplified to learn more


Life Insurance A life insurance policy is a contract with an insurance company. In exchange for premium payments, the insurance company provides a   lump-sum payment, known as a death benefit, to beneficiaries upon the insured's death. Typically, life insurance is chosen based on the needs and goals of the owner. There are many varieties of life insurance. Some of the more common types are mentioned below. As well as providing cover in the event of death, term life insurance policies usually have other benefits that are bundled in. Some of the most common inclusions include:

Terminal illness cover: you can get an advance on all or some of your sum assured if you’re diagnosed with less than 12 months to live.

Funeral costs cover/bereavement support: your policy’s beneficiaries can apply for an advance to cover immediate costs such as funeral expenses.

Children’s funeral costs cover: you get a limited payment to cover funeral costs if your child dies from accidental injury. Some policies also cover death from certain illnesses.

Increase sum assured for major events: you can increase your sum assured without having to provide further medical information if you experience a major life event. Although it varies from policy to policy,   common events include getting married or divorced, having children or taking out a home loan.

Financial advice cover: you or your policy's beneficiaries can get financial advice (up to a limit) if the insurer pays out the sum assured.


Trauma Cover is also known as Critical Illness Cover. It provides a lump sum of money to cover immediate medical expenses and other financial needs when a critical illness or injury occurs. Trauma cover pays an agreed amount to cover you for many different issues. Trauma might come in all sorts of ways – but they all have the same massive impact on a person’s life. Things covered by this policy, like significant illness, injury or medical procedures – whether that’s cancer, a heart attack, a stroke, or an angioplasty – probably mean you wouldn’t be able to work the way you could before. And how might you afford the extra costs for your care? This is where Trauma Cover can really help.

Disability Insurance Predicting the future is pretty hard, but preparing yourself for its twists and turns isn’t - like insuring yourself with disability cover. Chances are your family relies on your ability to work. Whether that’s as the money earner or as the homemaker supreme – your family needs you. But what if you became permanently disabled and were unable to do what you do. Total and Permanent Disability insurance (aka TPD) adds an extra level of financial security – which can make a huge difference in such a tough time. It can pay out a lump sum to help you and your loved ones financially. You can use this however you choose, from paying off your mortgage to investing the money to create an income.

Income Protection After a serious accident or illness, you may need time to recover. That’s where Income Cover can help.  It can pay you a monthly benefit while you are unable to work. Income Cover can help ensure money keeps coming in if you’re unable to work as a result of suffering a total disability due to serious illness or injury. Income protection insurance provides you with a monthly payment to replace lost income if you are unable to work because of sickness or injury. Some policies will cover up to 75% of your pre-tax income. Payments are made on a proportional basis equivalent to your loss. Many policies also include comprehensive rehabilitation and other benefits to help you get better sooner.

Mortgage Protection Insurance pays off the mortgage in the event of your death. It keeps a roof over the heads of the people you leave behind, by helping to pay off the debt. Insurance for your mortgage can protect your mortgage payments in the event of illness, disability, or involuntary redundancy. Mortgage Cover may assist with payment of your mortgage in the event of permanent disability or critical sickness. Mortgage repayment benefit does not have any offsets against benefits like ACC claim, sickness benefit, WINZ benefits received by the insured unlike the Income Protection Cover during the claim period.

Health/Medical Insurance

Private health insurance provides you with access to treatment when you need it, without long wait times. 

Public Vs Private Healthcare

Studies show that there has been a strong trust in ACC and the public health system. However, due to an aging and growing population, there is an increasing strain on public resources resulting in delays for treatment. Of 280,000 people requiring elective surgery,170,000 (more than 60%) did not even qualify to join the queue for public treatment.

The average length of time from first GP referral to surgery (days)

Public patients 144 days   Private patients 45 days

Source: HFANZ/NZPSHA market research March 2016

House Insurance Your home is your castle. Serious damage to your home is expensive and can be disruptive to your family, your lifestyle, and maybe even your business. In most cases, as well as paying to repair or rebuild your home, a range of extra benefits and full replacement options are available that can help you get back to normal as simply and quickly as possible.

In New Zealand, many insurers offer house insurance based on a  maximum sum insured amount, rather than the floor area of a property.

Your sum insured needs to be enough to rebuild your home to the same size and standard. So it's important you get this number right.

It's your responsibility to work out your sum insured amount and advise your insurer. Otherwise, you could find yourself underinsured. 

Car insurance Protects you from the financial risks you could incur by hurting someone or damaging their property with your car. It can also cover damage to your own vehicle, either from an at-fault accident or from other perils, like fire, falling objects, animals, or theft. When it comes to insuring your car, you might want all the bells and whistles or you might just want the basics. Whichever you need, an appropriate vehicle cover provides three options that help make repairing or replacing your car simple and hassle-free. Comprehensive cover, Third party fire, and theft, or just Third party are the options that are generally available.

Contents insurance Covers the financial cost of repairing or replacing your household personal possessions and furnishings, such as curtains, furniture, white goods, stereo, TV, computers, and other electrical appliances, clothing, jewelry, sporting equipment, and even toys. Contents insurance policies are also quite popular with anyone renting a property. 

Travel Insurance One can face a lot of the problems if things go wrong on your trip. This could range from lost luggage, cancelled flights to medical emergencies. A Travel Insurance policy provides cover for those pesky unexpected events.